Did you know we have many ways to make you feel more comfortable during your visit? All these comforts are complimentary so please go head and perk your self up while you’re here.


Movie Glasses
The best way to forget you are at a dental visit. Choose from new releases to classics.
(Please ask for movie list)

Wireless Headphones
Choose your music by genre on iTunes radio and zone-out with our comfortable headphones.

WIFI Internet
Access available upon request.


Gourmet Coffee
Awake with our fresh organic coffee in assorted flavors. (Please ask for coffee menu)

Gourmet Tea
Experience the premium taste of our organic gourmet teas. (Please ask for tea menu)

Bottled Water
Hydrate with reverse-osmosis bottled water served at slightly below room temperature.


Aromatherapy Neck Pillow
Relieve stress tension and enhance relaxation with our aromatherapy neck pillow.

Aromatherapy Socks
Plushy socks with microencapsulated scents that are released during wearing.

Mini Spa

Paraffin Wax Mitts
Soothe your hand’s joints and muscles with deep heat wax treatment.

Refreshing Hot Towels
Revive with purely refreshing 100% cotton single-use towels and make your visit first-class.

Eye Relaxing Mark (Hot or Cold)
Wear the eye mask when relaxing to cool and refresh tired eyes.

General Comfort

Cozy Blankets
Whether you are cold or just in need of holding a blanket, you will find our blankets very comforting.

Lip Balm
Describing this fancy balm is equal to describing the taste of chocolate. You can only “get it” by trying it.