CloSYS, a brand of toothpaste, oral sprays, and mouthwashes recently announced that an in-vitro laboratory analysis of CloSYS Ultra Sensitive Oral Rinse reduced the COVID-19 virus in the mouth up to 98.4% within 30 seconds. At SoBe Dentist, we not only recommend that our patients use this oral rinse outside the office to improve their oral health, but we also have patients use this rinse before their appointments with us. This can potentially help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our dental office if someone asymptomatic and unaware visits. Learn more about how CloSYS Oral Rinse can enhance your entire familes oral health and keep others safe. 

CloSYS Oral Rinse aids

What is CloSYS Oral Rinse?

CloSYS Ultra Sensitive Oral Rinse is much different from traditional mouthwash. For instance, it doesn’t contain hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, or povidone-iodine. It also doesn’t rely on flavor to cover bad breath. Instead, it uses a patented chlorine dioxide system that actually destroys the odor-causing compounds in your mouth.

The compounds that cause bad breath are known as Volatile Sulfur Compounds and they’re naturally produced during the breakdown of human cells and bacteria. Regular mouthwashes cover these compounds with flavor and CloSYS oral rinse actually breaks these compounds down to eliminate them from your mouth entirely. With regular use and brushing and flossing, you can have cleaner teeth, a much healthier mouth, and fresher breath. The solution contains purified water, stabilized chlorine dioxide, trisodium phosphate, and citric acid.  

How CloSYS Oral Rinse Eliminates COVID-19

One of the biggest concerns about COVID-19 is how easily it’s spread through aerosols and droplets. That’s why wearing a mask is so important to stop the spread. The study that concluded CloSYS reduces the spread of COVID-19 was conducted at MRI Global, an independent laboratory in Kansas City, MO. There was a second study conducted by Microbac Laboratories Inc. ー an accredited lab in Sterling, Virginia. Each study concluded the same results, the oral rinse eliminates COVID-19 in the mouth up to 98.4%!

The testing didn’t include oral cavity testing or testing whether the product can lower the transmission of COVID-19 from one person to another. This, however, is currently being tested. If the oral rinse can stop COVID-19 from transmitting from one person to another, it can play a vital role in reducing the virus around the world.

All the CloSYS products contain stabilized chlorine dioxide which is known for its disinfecting, antimicrobial, sanitary properties. The property gets activated when it comes into contact with the acids in saliva. After it’s released, the formula penetrates dental biofilm and kills the pathogens that live and inhibit the mouth. 

Benefits of CloSYS Oral Rinse

If you haven’t added CloSYS Oral Rinse to your daily hygiene routine, maybe now is the time to start. CloSYS Oral Rinse provides a noticeably cleaner and fresher feeling in your mouth after each use. It also helps promote healthy gums and a cleaner oral environment. The mild pH-balanced formula is designed to kill harmful bacteria that can cause gum disease and bad breath. After use, it provides long-lasting fresh breath you won’t find with any other mouth rinse on the market. Use the oral rinse with the CloSYS toothpaste twice a day for the cleanest teeth and fresh est breath you ever thought possible.

Visit our online store to purchase CloSYS products from the comfort of your home. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact SoBeDentist in Miami Beach at (305) 535-2225 for clarification.