With 2021 right around the corner, there’s a good chance you’ve already started thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions for next year. Maybe you want to add to your savings account or lose some weight. One New Year’s Resolution you shouldn’t put on the backburner for another year is straightening your teeth. If it’s something you’ve always wanted to do but you just haven’t done it, make 2021 the year you finally commit. What’s even better than straightening your teeth is straightening them with Invisalign aligners from SoBe Dentist. Learn why you should start Invisalign treatment in 2021 with our Miami Beach dentists’ help.

The Sooner You Start Treatment, The Sooner You Finish

beautiful woman smiling and placing Invisalign clear braces in her mouthOne of the top reasons why you should start Invisalign treatment in 2021 is because the sooner you start your treatment, the sooner you will finish. Think of all the years you’ve spent thinking about starting an orthodontic treatment and how you could have enjoyed a beautiful smile all those years if you would have started your treatment a long time ago. If you start your treatment at the beginning of 2021, you might finish it before the year is over. Then, you have the rest of your life to enjoy your gorgeous results. Think of all the life events you still have to experience and how your beautifully straight smile will be captured in every photo to remember the moment with.

What are you waiting for? Start your treatment as soon as possible so you can love your smile!

Invisalign Won’t Inconvenience Your Life

Another reason you should start your Invisalign treatment in 2021 is that it really won’t inconvenience your life in any way. One reason people put off orthodontic treatment is that they don’t want to give up certain foods or feel embarrassed about the appearance of their metal braces. With Invisalign, none of this is the case. Invisalign is the least inconvenient orthodontic treatment on the market.

For starters, the treatment involves using clear plastic aligners. Not only do they feel comfortable to wear, they are nearly invisible which means nobody will even notice your treatment. You can smile in pictures, and whenever you want to eat, just remove your aligners and enjoy your favorite foods.

It’s also really easy to care for your teeth and the aligners during your treatment. You won’t have to maneuver floss and a toothbrush between brackets and wires. Instead, you will remove your aligners to brush and floss. You can even visit the dentist for a regular dental cleaning without having to get the wire removed. Just go to your appointment and remove your aligners for your x-rays, cleaning, and any potential dental procedure you might need. To care for your aligners during treatment, you just have to remove them and soak them in a special Invisalign cleaner. Every two weeks you will switch to a new set of aligners that are fresh and clean.

The last way Invisalign won’t inconvenience your life is with constant dental appointments. About every six weeks, you will need to visit our Miami Beach Invisalign dentist for a quick check-up, but aside from that, you won’t require lengthy visits to our office. This saves you lots of time down the line.

Straighter Teeth Will Improve Your Oral Health and Overall Health

Another reason why you should start Invisalign treatment in 2021 is that it will improve your oral health. Most people have some sort of health improvement on their New Year’s Resolutions. Why not let Invisalign treatment help you improve your health?

One of the ways Invisalign will help you improve your health is because straighter teeth are much easier to clean and keep clean. Since there is no crowded or crookedness that makes lots of crevices for debris and bacteria to hide in, you will actually be able to get your teeth as clean as possible with brushing and flossing. As your teeth become easier to clean and you clean them better, your chance of getting a cavity or gum disease will decrease.

Reducing your risk of gum disease means you’re also reducing your risk of the health complications that come along with gum disease like heart disease, high blood pressure, and much more. 

Your Smile Will Look More Attractive

The last reason you should start Invisalign treatment in 2021 is to help your smile look more attractive! Once you achieve a smile you feel proud of, you might notice your confidence increase. This can help bloom your social life, your love life, and even your professional life. You can laugh, smile, eat, and enjoy life without ever feeling embarrassed about your smile.

Start Invisalign Treatment in Miami Beach

If you’re ready to jumpstart your New Year’s Resolutions by getting Invisalign treatment, our Miami Beach Invisalign dentists are ready to help. During your consultation, we will discuss whether or not you’re a good candidate for the treatment. If you are, we’ll get started by taking impressions and sending them off to the dental lab along with x-rays and your treatment plan. As soon as the aligners arrive, you can start your treatment!

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