What are Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a cap that covers your entire tooth, much like a hat. Typically, we place dental crowns to restore severely damaged teeth. We can also use dental crowns to replace entire teeth when they’re attached to dental implants or to support a dental bridge. Three different materials can make a dental crown including all-ceramic, ceramic on metal, and all-metal. Each type offers different pros and cons but in the end, we will recommend the best crown for your situation. Some patients might require the strongest dental crown possible while others may not. We also offer same-day dental crowns made with our in-house iTero machine.

In most cases, we recommend all-ceramic dental crowns because they look the most natural. Ceramic on metal crowns look a little less natural but also offer the durability that comes with metal.

What are Dental Bridges?

A dental bridge is a dental procedure used to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges are fixed in your mouth unlike partial dentures and are less expensive than dental implants. However, you can replace more than one missing tooth with dental implants. A dental bridge comprises of two dental crowns and one false two.

The two dental crowns are placed on either existing teeth adjacent to the missing tooth or dental implants. Resting between the two is the false tooth that replaces the missing tooth. We create our dental bridges with ceramic or porcelain material colored to match your surrounding teeth. The result looks beautiful and feels completely natural.

Procedure for Dental Crowns and Bridges

If you need a dental crown or dental bridge, the procedures are quite similar since dental bridges use dental crowns. To start, we will prepare your teeth that will have the dental crowns placed. This involves removing a small amount of tooth to make room for the dental crown. Once we’re finished prepping the teeth, we will take impressions of the tooth for the dental crown and adjacent area for a dental bridge. While you wait for your restorations to return from the lab, we will glue a temporary restoration to your tooth to hold you over. After your permanent restoration returns from the lab, we will remove the temporary crown and then bond the permanent one to your tooth. For dental bridges, we will attach the crowns and then attach the bridge between the two.

If your dental crown or bridge requires a dental implant, we will need to place the implants first. Some patients may need to allow their jaws to completely heal first before we place the crown or bridge.

Are Dental Crowns and Bridges in Miami Beach Right For You?

Could you benefit from dental crowns or bridges from SoBe Dentist? We can help you achieve a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile with our help. When you schedule an appointment with Drs. Escoto or Mantovani will determine if one of the treatments is a good option for you. Schedule an appointment today at our Miami Beach dental office by calling (305) 535-2225 or requesting an appointment online.