Basic Qualifications for Dental Implants

It’s important to only get dental implants if you’re a good candidate otherwise they can potentially fail which would result in you wasting your time and money. When you visit us at SoBe Dentist for a dental implants consultation, we take our time to evaluate you to determine if you’re a good candidate. We only recommend implants for patients who we believe would have success. Unfortunately, many factors can prevent someone from being a good candidate.

Some of the most basic requirements for dental implants include the following.

Healthy Gums

Gums that are healthy and free of gum disease are essential for dental implants. If the gums are not healthy, it prevents the implant from fusing to the jawbone which can result in implant failure. If you have gum disease, we will need to treat this first before giving you implants.

Healthy Teeth

Not only do your gums need to be healthy, but any remaining teeth need to be as well. This means that if you have any cavities or infections, we need to treat these before giving you dental implants.

Good Overall Health

Dental implants are a surgical procedure which means you need to be in good health. We don’t recommend dental implants to patients who drink excessive alcohol, smoke, have diabetes, or other conditions that can compromise the healing of the implants. During your consultation we will discuss any health conditions you have and if it will interfere with your ability to receive dental implants.

Adequate Bone

Having adequate bone in the jaw is essential to hold the implants in place. Without bone to fuse to, the implants won’t stay put. During your consultation, we will take a CT scan to see if you have enough bone. If not, we can perform a bone graft to help you increase bone in the jaw. It doesn’t matter if you lost your teeth years ago and have no bone to start with. A bone graft can help any patient become a good candidate for dental implants.

Good Commitment to Oral Health

If you neglect your oral health, dental implants are not right for you. It’s essential to take care of your oral hygiene after getting dental implants. Otherwise, you can develop gum disease which can compromise the stability of your dental implants. Without good oral hygiene habits, your implants can fail.

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