Full Dentures

For patients who need to replace an entire arch of missing teeth, we offer full dentures, a reliable solution that helps you regain your smile and ability to chew. Although you might feel skeptical due to the stigma that surrounds them, we can ensure you that these modern tooth replacement options are nothing like what you see on TV shows that fit comfortably in the mouth and now look more natural than ever. These stay in place in your mouth by using suction and adhesives.

Before getting dentures, we will extract any remaining teeth first. While your gums heal, we will provide you with temporary set to wear in the meantime. Once the gums heal, we will take impressions to create your permanent pair. After they return from the lab, we will check how they fit and make any final adjustments before sending you on your way.

Partial Dentures

For patients missing a section of teeth, we can provide partial dentures. Partials are held in place using a plastic base the same color as your surrounding gums and a metal clasp that attaches to your adjacent teeth. Partials are an easy and affordable way to replace several missing teeth in your mouth.

Implant Dentures

The last type of dentures we offer at our dental practice in Miami Beach are with implants – specifically All-On-4 dentures. These dentures are secured to the jaw using dental implants as support. With All-On-4, we only need to place four dental implants to support an entire arch of teeth. These feel more secure and stable and eliminate the need for adhesives to stay in place.


When you replace your missing teeth, you gain access to a handful of amazing benefits including the following.

Although dentures aren’t everyone’s top choice for tooth replacement, they do help patients regain confidence in their smile and eat once again.

Care Tips

After you get your dentures, it’s important to take proper care of them to not only maintain good health but to extend the longevity. We first recommend that patients remove their them at the end of every day and let them soak in denture solution overnight. In the morning, brush them with a soft-bristled brush to get off any bacteria or food debris. Place a towel in the sink to catch your dentures in case you drop them – otherwise, they can break.

It’s also important to still brush your teeth if you have any as well as your gums, roof of your mouth, and tongue with toothpaste. This will help keep your mouth clean and healthy and your breath fresh.

Aside from keeping your mouth and dentures clean, it’s important to visit us if you ever feel like they don’t fit right. Your jaw might change its shape over time which can make them feel uncomfortable to wear or loose.

Get Dentures in Miami Beach

If you’re ready to start eating your favorite foods and smile with confidence again, contact SoBe dentist to find out if dentures are right for you. Schedule a consultation today by calling (305) 535-2225.