What is Laser Dentistry?

Since its invention in 1989, laser dentistry has become a standard to modern dental offices. Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASER) is a dental tool that creates narrow light energy in a focused beam that produces a reaction with the tissue when coming into contact.

At SoBe Dentist, we use BIOLASE Waterlase. The Waterlase uses a combination of water and laser energy (HydroPhontics) to perform a wide variety of dental procedures with more comfort than traditional methods.


One of the reasons we utilize laser dentistry at our Miami Beach dental office is because of the amazing benefits it comes with. Explore the benefits you can experience yourself below.

  • Limits need for sutures – The dental laser naturally cauterizes the incision which eliminates the need for sutures or stitches.
  • Less need for local anesthesia – The Waterlase laser’s unique combination of water and light energy make it one of the most comfortable on the market. Most patients won’t require local anesthesia for procedures because it barely feels painful.
  • Reduced bleeding – This automatically causes the blood to clot and cauterizes any incisions which can greatly decrease bleeding during procedures.
  • Faster healing – Using a dental laser can help the tissue regenerate much faster than traditional methods.
  • Ultimate precision – Dr. Escoto and Dr. Mantovani have more control over the results of your care. The ultimate precision helps your results look much better and leaves less room for error.
  • Minimal tissue damage – With more precision means we can remove far less tissue than before.
  • Quiet – Those who suffer from dental anxiety will find comfort in knowing the dental laser is quiet to use.
  • Smaller risk for bacterial infections – Since this uses heat, naturally, everything it touches becomes sterilized. As a result, patients can experience fewer bacterial infections.

How We Use Laser Dentistry at SoBe Dentist

At our dental office, we use the dental laser as often as possible since it provides patients with such a positive experience. Some of the procedures we use it for include:

  • Dental fillings
  • Gum reshaping
  • Teeth whitening
  • Removing tissue for extractions
  • Reducing discomfort from canker sores and cold sores
  • Preparing the enamel for cosmetic treatments

In the end, we can use this technology in almost any dental treatment. We can even use it to sterilize an area if we need to. Dental lasers are completely safe for use and most patients prefer them once they experience a treatment.

Experience the Difference of Laser Dentistry in Miami Beach

Never skip a dental appointment in fear of the dental drill ever again. Laser dentistry can completely transform every procedure with more comfort, faster healing, less bleeding, and better results. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Escoto or Dr. Mantovani today for your next procedure with laser dentistry in Miami Beach. Please call (305) 535-2225 to book an appointment today.