What’s Oral Appliance Therapy?

Oral appliance therapy is an alternative sleep apnea treatment to CPAP. Instead of blowing air into the mouth, this therapy opens the airway. The appliance looks similar to a night guard and works by pushing the lower jaw forward to prevent the soft tissue from collapsing into the airway. As a result, the patient can breathe comfortably throughout the night without their airway collapsing.  making it highly effective for treating both snoring and sleep apnea conditions.

Benefits of Oral Appliance Therapy

There are a lot of reasons why so many patients prefer oral appliance therapy to CPAP. Here are some of the benefits of choosing oral appliance therapy in Miami Beach.


One of the first and probably most important benefits of oral appliance therapy is how comfortable it is to wear in comparison to CPAP. With CPAP you have to wear a mask that’s connected to hoses. This feels uncomfortable and makes it difficult to move around while you sleep. With oral appliance therapy, you simply place the oral appliance in your mouth and you’re ready to sleep in any position you want, comfortably.


Have you ever thought about traveling with a CPAP? You would need an extra suitcase and an outlet converter if you wanted to leave the country. You can also kiss the idea of camping away. With oral appliance therapy, you can easily stow away your oral appliance in a small case and take it anywhere with you from sleeping at a partner’s house to going away on vacation. There’s no requirement for electricity and it doesn’t produce any noise. It’s also much easier to clean. You can clean it with a toothbrush and toothpaste or antibacterial soap. With CPAP however, you have to clean the mask and hoses which can take much more time.


When used correctly and consistently, oral appliance therapy is just as effective as CPAP for mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea. Patients can also use an oral appliance at the same time as CPAP if they need to.

Types or Oral Appliances We Use

At SoBe Dentist, we use two different types of oral appliances. During your consultation with Dr. Escoto or Dr. Mantovani, we will recommend the best one for you.

MicrO2 Appliance

The Micr02 Prosomnous appliance is a one-of-a-kind oral appliance that offers a unique design based on experts in dental sleep medicine. The device uses CAD/CAM technology to make the appliance more accurate and therefore more comfortable to wear. It offers a precise retainer-like fit to prevent teeth from shifting and a low profile design for extra comfort. The lingual-free design also provides 11% more tongue space. The appliance is thin and not bulky like other appliances on the market but still offers great strength. We offer the MicrO2 Appliance to our patients because it’s one of the best appliances on the market. With its high comfort level, it sets our patients up for consistent use and therefore a successful long-term solution.


The other type of sleep appliance we offer for sleep apnea and snoring is SomnoMed – the world’s leading oral appliance. SomnoMed provides amazing comfort and uses high-quality materials to deliver clinically validated results. SomnoMed appliances are custom-fit and work by moving the lower jaw slightly forward to open the airway and prevent apneas from occurring.

Get Sleep Apnea Treatment in Miami Beach

Are you ready to stop snoring or use a sleep apnea treatment that feels comfortable to wear? If you’re tired of CPAP and want to experience the convenience, comfort, and effectiveness of oral appliance therapy, schedule a consultation with our Miami Beach sleep dentists today. Please call (305) 535-2225 to book an appointment.