Dental anxiety is fairly common and nearly 36% of people experience it. It’s usually caused by bad or painful experiences at the dentist in the past. Some people also avoid visits to the dentist because they have a hard time sitting still or an exceptionally strong gag reflex that makes sitting through a treatment unbearable. If you make excuses to not visit the dentist, your dental health is likely suffering. One way to have a much more pleasant experience at the dentist is by using sedation dentistry at your next appointment. Discover all the reasons why you should consider sedation dentistry at our Miami Beach dental office.

1. It Helps Your Appointment Go By Faster

One of the top reasons why you should consider sedation dentistry is because it will help your appointments go by faster. If you have a long procedure ahead of you and every second makes you feel less and less relaxed, sedation dentistry can help. With oral sedation, you will feel incredibly comfortable and relaxed. You might even fall asleep for a while. Before you know it, you will wake up and your appointment will be over. Since you’re super relaxed, Dr. Escoto and Dr. Mantovani can work much faster in your mouth because they don’t need to stop to give you a break. This will also help your appointment end faster.

2. You Won’t Mind Being at the Dentist

If you normally dread visiting the dentist, sedation dentistry can change your perspective. Once you experience sedation dentistry for one appointment, you will realize how comfortable and pleasant visiting the dentist can actually be. After a few appointments with sedation dentistry, your dental anxiety might even subside to the point where you no longer need it. We want you to have nothing but positive experiences in our dental office and if sedation dentistry will help you get there, you should absolutely consider it.

3. Get More Than One Procedure in One Sitting

If you need more than one procedure completed but you don’t want to schedule multiple appointments, sedation dentistry can help you feel relaxed enough to get all your procedures done in one sitting. Having more than one appointment won’t just cost you more time, but will cost us time as well. Let us both save time and help you feel incredibly relaxed by using sedation dentistry. While you relax, we’ll quickly complete your procedures in one visit.

4. You’ll Never Miss Out On Preventive Dentistry

One of the biggest problems with dental anxiety is that it often prevents patients from visiting us for the simplest dental cleanings. When you skip a dental cleaning, we won’t be able to remove plaque and tartar that can cause cavities and gum disease. We also won’t be able to identify problems in their early stages. This may result in problems getting worse and causing you pain. It can also result in tooth loss if they go on for too long without treatment. With sedation dentistry, you can get the preventive dentistry you need to keep your mouth healthy and take care of problems early on.

5. It Helps Strong Gag Reflexes

If you have a strong gag reflex, you might gag or even throw up in your mouth during any type of dental examination. This can make dental care not only incredibly uncomfortable but also embarrassing. With sedation dentistry, you will relax enough that it reduces the strength of your gag reflex. This will help you get the treatment you need gag-free.

6. Sitting Still is a Breeze

If sitting still is a struggle for you whether due to a medical condition or severe pain in your body, sedation dentistry can help you finally sit still for extended periods. After administering the sedation, you will sit comfortably without feeling the need to get up or move around throughout the duration of your treatment.

 7. It Improves Your Quality of Life

When you neglect visits to the dentist, your oral health and overall health suffers. This can impact the quality of your life. In addition, suffering from severe anxiety every time you need to visit the dentist will also impact your quality of life. You might not sleep for nights ahead of your appointment. With sedation dentistry, dental appointments will quickly become a relaxing and stress-free experience. You will get the dental care you need and your oral health and overall health will improve – therefore improving your quality of life.

8. There are Lots of Options to Choose From

We offer oral conscious sedation which both keep you awake. You might drift off to sleep during your appointment but if we need to ask you a question or if you need to speak, you will feel awake enough to do so. Oral conscious sedation requires a ride to and from your appointment and is our recommendation for patients who need more intense levels of sedation.

Have a Positive Dental Experience With Sedation Dentistry in Miami Beach

If you’re ready to say goodbye to stressful, unrelaxing, and uncomfortable visits to the dentist, contact SoBeDentist to learn if sedation dentistry in Miami Beach, FL is right for you. Our dentists are here to ensure you get the essential high-quality dental care you deserve without the stress. Please call (305) 535-2225 to book an appointment today.