David P., Miami Beach, FL

“The doctors and staff at SoBeDentist are amazing! They are attentive and knowledgeable. Since I come to this dental place I feel at peace coming to the dentist. It feels like a spa and they have the most comfortable chairs. They give you pillows and headphones so you can relax while doing your teeth. The hygienist is very friendly and gentle. I recommend the dentists here to everyone. Dr. Mantovani has done all my cavities and now I just come here for my cleanings.”

Dr. Todd Narson, Miami Beach, FL

“What an exceptional experience! Just because I’m a physician, doesn’t mean I’m any less apprehensive about going to the dentist than anyone else. After several different procedures, I have to say they take dentistry to the next level. Their office has an professional yet relaxed and warm atmosphere. The staff has always been very friendly. ”

Angelica S., North Miami Beach, FL

“Amazing service! I was made aware a while ago that I had to take out my wisdom teeth but was so scared! I finally got the courage to make the appointment and pull those little puppies out! Not gonna lie I was pretty nervous the doctor numbed me up meanwhile the assistant made me feel as comfortable as possible offering blankets, neck pillows, parafin treatments, movie lenses with the film of my choice off netflix! Doctor Mantovani came in literally FIVE mins pass by and out came my wisdom tooth! fully impacted, roots and curled and crazy. ZERO PAIN! and recovery was cake. I was out that same night. No need for pain medications either. Love my experience and!”

Jessica L., Miami Beach, FL

“Great service! From the Receptionist to the Dr. Escotos consultation to the woman who cleaned my teeth, everyone was so professional and attentive… They spoil you if you have any wait time in between with paraffin hand dips, and headphones and neck pillows.I think you can watch movies too but I just relaxed w my music… Dr. Escort explained to me the work I will need done and why, along w financing options. She is very kind and really knows her stuff! I would absolutely suggest Sobe Dentist to anyone looking for great service and well trained professionals!”

Yvette R., Miami Beach, FL

“Dr.Escoto & Dr. Mantovani are the best of the best. They have been giving my sister Melani and I the best smilies. They definetly know how to keep our smilies beautiful that will last us for a life time. Thanks for everything, you are the best. Great work for reasonable prices and can’t forget about the awesome job they do on teeth whitening. So glad you have been my dentist for all of these years.”

Kayla S.

“I’m writing this on behalf of my friend and what I experienced from visiting this office. First hour my friend and I were in Miami her veneer fell off (her front tooth too) so it was devastating. We did some research and found Sobe Dentist… luckily it was also a few minute walk from our hotel. Dr. Mantovani did a wonderful job along side his also amazing wife, Dr. Escoto. They were both honest and extremely comforting and welcoming. I would recommend these two dentists to anyone in the area. The office was so pretty, clean and bright. Thanks to Sobe Dentists for making sure the rest of our trip was amazing!”

Jordan B

“I came to Sobe Dentist two years ago after moving to NYC. Previously I had over five years of jaw pain, headaches, clicking/popping, facial pain, neck problems, back problems, hip misalignment, and more. I am 28 years old and was very discouraged and feeling hopeless. After I saw Dr. Escoto and Dr. Mantovani they immediately put me on a plan to help relieve my symptoms. I bonded instantly with Dr. Escoto because she actually went through the same exact thing herself and that’s one of the reasons she got into neuromuscular dentistry. She even gave me her personal number and was always able to text after hours when I had questions. After a treatment plan tailored to my condition/symptoms they aligned my bite properly and I am happy to say I feel great now. I finally feel like myself again and I LOVE my new smile.”

Complete upper denture and anterior lower bridge.

She has waited years for this moment. Her children brought her over from Mexico to give her this new smile.